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Currently, I am working at Dev Mission (coding camp) as a Mobile Developer on a few personal projects. I have dedicated the last 6th months towards developing a project management & communication app for Android as a passion project that will hopefully open the door to a new career path.

Previously, I was a Mission Techies intern at Mission Economic Development Agency with a focus on web development & principles of programming.

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The Story

I am a San Francisco native living in Oakland, CA. I had the unique privilege of attending a full French immersion school (K-12) and a top liberal arts college, Pomona (ranked top 5 in the country). Joining Teach for America after graduation and taking on a role as a high school basketball coach, I spent the next two years exploring the possibilities of a teaching career. I just completed an M.A. in Urban Education through Loyola Marymount University (December, 2016). At the moment, I am making a career shift from my current position as a Math Teacher in the Oakland Unified School District to become a full-time Software Engineer.



The Work

In May of 2016, I took my first steps into the world of computer science by leaning on my college network to learn about strong potential resources to investigate. Immediately finding my new passion, I joined the Mission Techies program at the beginning of Summer '16. Through the Mission Techies coding program, I was able to join Dev Mission where I would spend the next 6 months diving into all things Android as I developed my first project management & communication app.

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The Talent

After completing 8 months of religiously consistent work learning as much as possible about computer programming, I am able to stand behind my knowledge of programming principles and development. I can confidently build Android apps with everything from Flippers to RecylerView adapters to server callback handlers. I have created a personal website through Amazon Web Services using Nginx and JQuery. I have taken the academic approach in reading Clean Code, Effective Java, and Design Patterns. All of this speaks directly to my dedication, eagerness and passion for learning; arguably even more apparent as this was accomplished working by myself... in a team the possiblities would be endless!

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The Learning

Initially, without knowing the specific area that I wished to focus on, I started on Lynda watching everything about programming from Fundamentals to Databases to "Building Flexible Android Apps with the Fragments API." I have since be able to augment my foundation in programming fundamentals, in algorithms, in data structures, and in design patterns as well as my knowledge of the Java, XML, Javascript, Bootstrap, and Jquery programming languages just to name a few. I present this website as a represtentation of one area of my learning over the past 8 months.