The BLOC app is a project management & communications app designed to support the persistence of the BLOC organizations contributions to the Claremont Area community. The BLOC app is a native Android API for building, and updating BLOC Campaigns through an MVC model. The BLOC app uses the Firebase API for realtime database calls & cloud storage. Leaning on the Firebase Database, the BLOC app contains realtime peer-to-peer communication with UI notifications. The app additionally maintains analytics data for UI testing and improvement in the Firebase console. The BLOC app is an on-going project representing the culmination of 6th months work and intensive learning in Java and Android Studio.


Project Management

P2P Communication




Building Leaders On Campus is a student organization at Pomona College (Los Angeles) of students of color eager to present & develop professional skills. The organizations work is 4-fold - based in Academics, Social Gathering, Community Service & Brotherhood. The organization stands behind the principle of "Sankofa" and is designed to be a inviting space for students of color on the Claremont College Campuses. Towards the development of professional and leadership skills, the group engages in consistent campaigns to to support the communities development with the interest of students of color in mind.